Alitam member, Weedle Pharmacy in County Cork, is raring to go with a significant Covid-19 vaccination drive; aiming to reduce infections and save lives in their local community.

It’s masterminded by owner Professor Peter Weedle, a leader of the pharmacy sector in Ireland. He spans both the intellectual and business spheres, having helped establish a School of Pharmacy at University College Cork, which has grown to become one of the top 50 pharmacy schools in the world. However, he also serves his community through two popular pharmacy stores in Mallow, with a dedicated team of over 30 staff.

Reducing infection and saving lives

Driven by a desire to support his local community, and way ahead of the rest, Peter has refurbished both pharmacy stores, equipping them with fifteen vaccination rooms. He’s even invested in -70 degree celsius refrigeration units for both pharmacies in order to store the Pfizer/BioNTach vaccine. Peter says, “We want to help our patients and customers through this pandemic. We’ve worked tirelessly so that, as soon as the Irish government gives us the green light, it’s all systems go. At Weedle Pharmacy we want to help our local community and do all we can to bring their world back to normality.”

Pharmacies in Ireland are expected to be given the go ahead in April, and Peter has set ambitious targets to meet. “Across our two stores, we’re aiming to vaccinate 500 people a day. That’s because we’ve got highly trained and skilled pharmacists, the knowledge, the equipment and a huge desire to do all we can to reduce infections and save lives.”

‘One person’s learning is everyone’s gain’ 

Alitam is a network of over 200 thriving UK and Ireland pharmacies. Peter has been advising many other Irish Alitam members how they too can set up vaccination centres to help reduce infection and save lives. Such guidance includes where to source equipment and optimal store layouts. As a result, many more Alitam pharmacies in Ireland are planning to join the effort to drive down infections and deaths from Covid-19.

With his UK counterparts, Peter is working on operational efficiencies such as paperless transactions, and innovative self-testing measures and diagnostic tools, all of which empower people to greater health.

“With Alitam, one person’s learning is everyone’s gain. I’m sharing ideas with some of the top entrepreneurial pharmacists around, and together we are changing lives. Through Feisal’s (Alitam Founder) magic, a diverse group of talented people have come together to pool their expertise and talent and tap the great potential of our sector. And this pandemic highlights just how powerful this can be; as we quickly put the latest life-saving science into practice and help everyone in our community to be safe, happy and healthy.”

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