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You may apply to join the FREE Alitam membership and become ‘Pharmacy of the ‘Future. Entry is based on pharmacy location, pharmacist’s expertise/specialisms and willingness to participate in an innovative industry movement. Benefits are significant including major cost reductions, buying economies, potential investment in your business.

By becoming a member you will receive a number of substantial benefits, including and not limited to:

  • Access to new innovative products & services
  • Access to advanced and latest technology to enhance the patient/pharmacist experience
  • Access to the Group’s pharmacy online store
  • Free access to Alitam branded product portfolio
  • Reduced purchase costs through the strength of the buying group
  • Reduced costs by benefiting from the Group’s economies of scale and cost efficiencies
  • Ability to serve your patients and customers more effectively by accessing our knowledge bank of pooled pharmacist knowledge, expertise and specialisms
  • Shared marketing systems and processes
  • Daily use of Alitam Connect intranet to best communicate with all pharmacists
  • Access to the Alitam online doctor
  • Support for product distribution
  • Increased revenues through group internal referral opportunities
  • Access to shared resources
  • Daily support from an exceptional executive management team
  • Potential Investment in pharmacy stores
Only forward-thinking pharmacists looking to grow their business and future-proof their long term future should apply.
The membership does provide the opportunity for substantial investment in your pharmacies and the potential for a future merger, offering considerable value.

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