Born in November 2019, the Alitam Group is a hugely exciting consolidation of approximately 43 pharmacy groups across the UK and Ireland region.

These groups would represent around 140 pharmacy stores. Prior to consolidation the group is operating as a membership, offering an innovative range of products and services to the member pharmacies. Alitam Group is also negotiating substantial cost savings for all its members with many of its pharmacies already exhibiting significant growth.
By placing latest technology and best practice at the heart of its patient and customer offering the Alitam Group plans to deliver an exceptional innovative service to its vast and extremely loyal patient and customer base. The entire membership communicates on a daily basis, pooling its knowledge, expertise and specialisms. Subsequently, the group has seen a significant rise in internal patient referrals.
Pharmacy companies within the group range from small, local outlets to larger, regional, multi-store groups with several Superintendents. Alitam houses many hard working pharmacists across all local communities, all striving under one shared vision and a common set of corporate values. The membership has been described as a rare group headhunted on ability, performance and reputation.
The Group’s aim is not to impose a centralised brand on its pharmacies or restrict working practices. At the core of the Group’s philosophy is a recognition of the huge value inherent in the individual, regional brand identities of its pharmacies and the impressive work they have put in to create highly successful businesses. In addition, the pharmacies’ existing brand creates trust with patients and customers in their local communities. The Alitam membership helps each pharmacy to operate daily with ‘big group expertise’ but at all times offering an up close and personal service experience of a small local business. A secondary Alitam brand will commence across all stores from February 2021. All patients and customers will continue to receive a small pharmacy experience but with greater reach of expertise and specialist skills, something that’s needed during the pandemic.
Alitam pharmacies distinguish themselves by offering more than the traditional pharmacy. The Alitam Group is reinventing pharmacy as it begins a pathway to compete in an array of new markets. The group has seen its pharmacies increase transactional activity within its community as a key trusted medical NHS professional.
An exceptional executive management team has been assembled to lead Alitam in becoming the ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ with technological advancements and specialist products transforming local pharmacy services.
The executive board features Chairman Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE. Known as the Queen’s right hand man (Lord Lieutenant of London), former FTSE100 executive on Reuters’ Board and currently serving the Huawei Executive Board, Sir Ken Olisa and a range of his leading consultants and advisors have supported the design and implementation of this world-class strategy and strong corporate governance across the entire group of pharmacies.
Alitam Group founder and leading UK business strategist Feisal Nahaboo is the ‘brains’ behind the innovative movement. Known for recently delivering a world record 122 company overnight merger in another industry, Feisal’s vision is to create a leading pharmacy of the future focusing on amalgamating the skills and abilities of some leading pharmacists across the entire UK and Ireland region.
The remaining board members are experienced pharmacists and business professionals with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and ability to deliver the Group’s ambitious world-class plan.
With the patient and technology experience at the centre of all ongoing activities, Alitam’s ambition is to continue recruiting more like-minded UK and Ireland-based pharmacies who have the same drive to deliver the ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept.

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