Past & Current Board Testimonials


Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE



I have been involved in public markets for a long time and with AIM since its birth in 1995. The exchange’s founding concept was to provide access to capital for  early-stage entrepreneurial, companies with the potential to move up to the main market at some point. 

My immediate thought when I met Feisal was that his vision for Alitam hit AIM’s bullseye! As you can imagine, I receive a lot of approaches but the Feisal/Alitam combination stands out. The business plan absolutely resonates with the  times – trusted professionals providing health and  well-being assistance is good news for patients/customers and a company driven by 50+ proven entrepreneurs – rather than hired managers – combining their strengths for common advantage is very good news for investors. 

As Alitam Chairman, I am committed to delivering the Pharmacy of the Future. I am proud to work with so many consummate businesspeople united in their determination to unleash the potential contained within the collective fruits of their many years experience. Feisal’s Alitam business model is made for AIM and AIM is made for Alitam.” 

Simon Newton

Chief Financial Officer


Having founded and floated a company, it was clear to me that Alitam is poised to become a leading FTSE company. They’ve already achieved so much through the integration of over 200 pharmacy stores, pooling their considerable resources and harnessing the latest technology. And, having so many great minds working towards a single, shared vision is a rare thing and incredibly impressive.  The Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) is fast becoming a proven method of synergising successful businesses and skilled equity directors overnight. 
The scale by which we operate is already driving life-changing innovations. I’m proud to be part of Alitam’s endeavour to enhance the role of the pharmacist, make a real difference to local communities and reduce the burden on the NHS.”

Sanjay Patel



The Alitam executive management team is exceptional. I’m proud of my own pharmacy group of course, but in awe of my fellow board directors’ achievements. The line-up is strong on paper, but the real strength is in the way we work collectively, leaving our egos at the door, and capitalising on each other’s talents. I’m honoured to be part of this innovative movement, and I’m a firm believer in the overnight merger model; a strategic model which has never been seen before.”

Arnold Wylie

Co-Founder & Non-Executive


Alitam is fast evolving into the ground-breaking company Feisal and I always knew it would become. And now, with such a jaw-dropping array of talent on board, we are totally convinced that our goals are well within sight. It’s an honour to continue to play my part.”

Dhruv Patel OBE

Deputy Chairman


Alitam has an incredibly compelling business proposition.  I have been inspired by Feisal’s energy and his extraordinary ability to create a merger quite literally overnight. Alitam offers a phenomenal opportunity to help all our Alitam pharmacies grow and develop. I’ve followed the Alitam movement right from the beginning, and I’m highly impressed with the membership of the board. I’m delighted to be part of this team, alongside such great minds, abilities and records.”

Patrick McCormack

Senior Independent Director


It’s an incredible opportunity to be involved in taking a large group of very successful pharmacies and making them even better. Alitam presents amazing opportunities which I didn’t think could be realised until now despite my extensive experience in the retail pharmacy business. I’m thrilled to be joining this multi-talented team; we’re all united in believing that this is an opportunity we couldn’t turn down.” 

Michael Guerin

Alitam Group Board Consultant


It’s an incredible opportunity to be involved in taking a large group of very successful pharmacies and making them even better. 

Joe McVeigh

Head of Legal


I see first hand how Feisal’s astonishing energy and vision has brought together a ‘board of all the talents.’ It’s inspiring to play a key role, and help the dream of the ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ become a reality.” 

Mitul Patel

Group Director


I see Alitam as a ground-breaking movement. My fellow board members are all high-class, skilled and experienced individuals who have been very successful throughout their lives. If we bring their work ethic, integrity and ambition together, Alitam will be an unstoppable force.”

Prakash Patel

Head of UK Pharmacy


I’ve had a long career and won many pharmacy awards. But I am extremely proud to be embarking on this adventure, as my working life nears an end. Only Alitam offer the futuristic model which guarantees success for years to come. This is the dream for my family business, as I prepare to hand it over to my children to run in years to come.” 

Mukesh Pandit

Group Director


Alitam has emerged from the vision and drive of its founder, with whom I have been associated for many years. 
The Alitam movement is now emerging as a group at the crest of the pharma and healthcare sectors. It brings together community-based pharmacies, with an innovative and technically advanced thinking, emerging as a complete pharmacy and healthcare provider in the community. 
With an excellent Board and an experienced management team at its helm, Alitam Group will present the market with a unique opportunity to invest in its continued growth, development and success.”

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