‘Walk in with a problem, walk out with a smile.’

Steering his busy pharmacy into exciting new waters is David Algar, Company Secretary of Scott Road Pharmacy, Leeds. A qualified accountant with over 50 years’ experience, and an expert in the area of Community Pharmacy Accounting, David is a powerhouse of inside knowledge, due diligence and customer service.

David is renowned for his ‘hands-on’ approach to running the pharmacy, and can personally vouch for the superior customer service which sets his pharmacy apart. “People choose us for the personal attention,” he explains, “they drop in to see our pharmacist, who can see them in a private room and either help treat them, or refer to the GP. Either way, they walk in with a problem and walk out with a smile. We provide that peace of mind which is so important when you are suffering.”

Enormous value to the community

As an Alitam member, David is now furnished with the investment and expertise he needs to further this customer offering. Says David, “The demand is there for more in-store services such as testing and clinics, and at last we can provide them. This is of enormous value – not just to us as a business, but as community-minded people. We’re delighted to be able to help improve the lives of the people who mean so much to us.”

‘You cannot sell care online’

Coursing through David’s veins is a passion for meritocratic working. He attributes much of his pharmacy’s success to the happiness of the pharmacy team, “They all contribute something of value to the business, and we value that in return. What’s incredible is the synergy with Alitam: such an inspiring, multi-talented team, where everyone builds something far bigger than they’d achieve on their own. We’ve got the best brains in NextGen technology, retail, business strategy and financing. Not to mention many of the UK and Ireland’s top pharmacists. This marriage of superlative customer service, with laboursaving, futuristic technology and systems, means our pharmacies will come out way in front of the competition. Yes the others may sell everything online, but you cannot sell care.”

Alitam Founder, Feisal Nahaboo agrees, “David inspires me every day with his personal service to each and every customer. As he intimates, this is something the pharmacy sector will live or die by. And this is why Alitam have an unswerving direction of travel: towards a world where the healthcare you need is easily accessible, delivered with compassion and care by expert pharmacists you know and trust.”

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