Alitam group founder, Feisal Nahaboo, has masterminded an ambitious 12 month recruitment drive to build an Executive Board of breathtaking talent.

All Executive Directors are pioneers in their field – top strategists, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, accountants and lawyers. Every single appointee, including latest board addition Simon Newton, CFO, shares the drive to work collectively, as one body with one vision: to become the ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ and a FTSE100 company within five years. Thereby taking their careers to the next level.

This unprecedented achievement is the result of Feisal’s relentless drive to build the best board possible. He hand-picked the leaders in their field, exhaustively detailing to each Executive Director how he builds his unique, futuristic Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM). Following a year of continual engagement and negotiations, Feisal has succeeded in appointing a formidable array of talent – one intent on Alitam becoming a leading FTSE company in the near future.

‘The Great Reset is now’

“This is my executive dream team,” says Feisal. “A board which is pushing past the boundaries, changing the paradigm for the pharmacy sector. We’re in the midst of a Great Reset. Covid-19 has brought much of the world to its knees and the inconsistencies and inadequacies of the health system have been exposed. But this is all to the benefit of the pharmacy sector, which has seen a phenomenal surge in business. Its enormous capacity to support the health of communities and ease the burden on the NHS is at last being realised. The combined talents of the exceptional Executive Board means Alitam is uniquely poised to capitalise on this growth and build the future of pharmacy, today.”

The Executive Board dream team

“This exceptional team brings together phenomenal talent and a balance of specialisms, age profiles and backgrounds,” says Feisal. Younger Directors, such as CEO Sanjay Patel, focus on the future with their passion for NextGen technology and initiatives like remote dispensing robots and online purchasing. While more experienced Directors bring a vast knowledge of strategy, PLC corporate governance, management of risk and investor relations. Indeed, this is the consummate combination of futuristic thinking and a considered approach. Offering both stability, and all the rewards of innovation.

The team is steered by Sir Ken Olisa who, as the Queen’s right hand man, manages the Royal Family’s duties. It boasts a politician, serving in London’s square mile; the CEOs of the two leading independent pharmacies in Ireland and Northern Ireland, respectively; the owner of Ireland’s most successful online pharmacy; 3 qualified accountants with ‘Top 4’ backgrounds; and one of Ireland’s most reputable lawyers.

Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE


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Simon Newton

Chief Financial Officer

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Sanjay Patel


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Oonagh O’Hagan

Head of Ireland

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Dhruv Patel OBE

Deputy Chairman

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Patrick McCormack

Senior Independent Director

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Michael Guerin

Board Consultant

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Mitul Patel

Group Director

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Joe McVeigh

Head of Legal

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Prakash Patel

Head of UK Pharmacy

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Mukesh Pandit

Group Director

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Arnold Wylie

Co-Founder & Non-Executive

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The founder himself has a proven track record. From council estate roots and working from his bedroom in a shared house, Feisal set up the largest network of professionals of its type worldwide. Over 700 professional brands have aligned themselves with FEISAL over the past 18 years.

Many have given FEISAL glowing endorsements for the results he creates and the integrity he breathes. Known for his academic excellence and for being one of the UK’s leading thinkers in his field, FEISAL has lead change in professional service industries such as accountancy. Some of the world’s best businessmen have aligned with FEISAL. Dr Stephen Covey is an example. He wrote arguably the best business book of all time, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Dr Stephen Covey enjoyed FEISAL’s strategic thinking and motivational ability. They worked together on stage in front of sold out London audiences.

FEISAL has also worked on stage with current and former BBC Dragons Theo Paphitis and James Caan. FEISAL was involved with the launch of an entrepreneur degree at Huddersfield University which he and Paphitis announced at press conferences. Feisal’s specialist areas include profit development, strategic development, business-modelling, strategic marketing, wealth management, business consultancy and entrepreneurial ability.

Feisal founded Xeinadin Group in 2018. Within 2 years, he consolidated a world record 122 UK and Ireland accountancy firms in an overnight merger, creating one of the largest accountancy groups in UK and Ireland history. Many acquisitions were made based on specialisms and expertise per office with an intent of mass internal referral, creating maximum profitability for the group.

Similarly to Xeinadin Group, Feisal founded Alitam Group in November 2019. Within a year, he had built a world-class ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept and engaged over 200 UK & Ireland pharmacies to consolidate in his overnight multiple merger model. Alitam is set to become a top 5 in the pharmacy industry.

FEISAL is renowned for industry disruption in not just one but now two industries. Feisal has personally head-hunted Alitam Board Directors with AIM and FTSE100 experience; he has secured the confidence of one of the most trusted figures in the British establishment; and harnessed the skills of outstanding pharmacists and entrepreneurs. No wonder many talented individuals are now approaching Feisal with requests to join the Alitam board. The confidence in Feisal, his exceptional management team, and the Alitam Group, is growing beyond measure.

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