Introducing Alitam member Corrys Chemists.

Ambitious pharmacist Patrick Corry is just 41 and, together with his brother Niall, already boasts a chain of six highly successful pharmacies in Northern Ireland and the UK, staffed by a team of 50. His achievements are down to his remarkable work ethic: to consistently go above and beyond in supporting customers’ health and wellbeing. In recognition of such outstanding work, Patrick was crowned Pharmacist of the Year in 2014. Now, as part of Alitam, the brothers’ dream of elevating their offering and accelerating their business growth are being realised.

The ultimate in patient care

Patrick’s business is founded on an ethos of superlative patient care. Achieved through harnessing the latest cutting-edge technology to reduce ‘back room’ workload, and free up the team to provide the kinds of services and advice historically provided only by GPs and hospitals.

“Technological advances afford us more time to interact with customers, and attend to a wider range of services,” says Patrick. Gone are the hours spent dispensing medicines, for instance. Now, a robot efficiently sorts medications into the days and times to take them, and packs them in a strip of personalised tear-off sachets. This saves his staff a huge amount of time; time now spent helping patients with everything from flu symptoms to DNA testing. “We’re the place to come for that close attention which GPs can no longer afford,” says Patrick. Corrys offer free, confidential consultations to people suffering with sore throats and flu symptoms, for instance. They provide urostomy and colostomy care, saving patients a trip to the hospital. Through the Managing Your Medicines service, team members can keep a close eye on vulnerable patients. They currently provide Covid-19 Fit to Fly tests, and are ready to administer the Covid-19 vaccine, once given the green light.

Patrick is deeply involved with his community and keenly aware of the huge demand for pharmacy-led services. He has organised events at local schools and nurseries, as well as delivering smoking cessation and health promotion support directly to local businesses.

“Now I have the might of Alitam behind me”

Joining Alitam feels like a match made in heaven to Patrick. “With the best will in the world, there’s only so much you can do as an independent,” he says. “But with the might of Alitam behind me, the logistics of rolling out further technologies are taken care of, so I can offer online consultations, apps and more. Then there’s the cost savings that come with such economies of scale, giving us the ability to invest in more of what our customers want.” Such offerings include allergy testing and ear irrigation clinics; and a comprehensive range of health-related products such as vitamins, cosmetics and mobility aids. But that’s not all, says Patrick. “Beyond this, I’m benefitting from enormous levels of peer support – we’re talking the best in the business here. There’s an exchange of expertise and ideas which is so invigorating, already we’re planning a nationwide loyalty card, among other measures. We’ll achieve global recognition for our contribution to pharmacy, there’s no doubt.”

Alitam Founder Feisal Nahaboo says, “Patrick and his brother are living examples of the enormous potential of future-focused pharmacies. It’s a paradigm-changing move from dispensing medicines towards helping people cure and manage their ailments, and prevent them become ill in the first place. Alitam offers younger members an exceptional opportunity to share their insights on NextGen technology and the latest trends, while benefiting from the stability afforded by the collective experience of some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurial pharmacists. This is the beginning of even greater things for these remarkable brothers.”

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