Introducing Alitam member Liam Farmer.

Liam Farmer and his aptly named Beacon Pharmacy in Dublin are an inspiration to those looking for the future of pharmacy. Here Liam is capitalising on his close links with the private hospital next door, offering a uniquely complementary service of highly specialised OTC products.

A pharmacist born and bred

Liam was born into a family of pharmacists and has over 30 years experience serving his local communities in Dublin. But in Beacon Pharmacy he’s created something totally unique. “It’s a niche pharmacy, unlike anything you will find on the high street,” he explains. “The hospital to which we are allied specialises in fertility, dermatology, ophthalmics and orthopaedics. As such we have developed a complementary pharmacy service, offering customers an expertise and product range they won’t find elsewhere.”

The connection between hospital and pharmacy seems effortless. “Over fifteen years we’ve developed a great relationship,” enthuses Liam. “A consultant will send patients here, and we can source almost any product. A significant part of the clinic is concerned with holistic approaches to fertility, with an emphasis on a growing number of complementary health products such as nutritional support. Most pharmacists would shake their heads and be unable to source these, let alone advise on them. It’s such a specialised area that foreign patients of consultants continue to buy their products from us even when back home. We ship all over the world and follow up with patients to see how they are getting on.”

National reputation

Such is Liam’s reputation that he now advises pharmacies across Ireland on which fertility support products to buy, and where to source them. Liam and his team are respected as authorities on the most efficacious OTC skincare, orthopaedic aids and nutritional supplements to enhance eye health. “We have evolved to meet a unique need,” smiles Liam. “This is what pharmacy is well-placed to do. It’s a fascinating and stimulating environment, it’s ever changing. But we have our finger on the pulse, so to speak. As the latest innovations hit our shelves, as the treatments evolve and knowledge grows, we guide our customers. Like all pharmacy teams, we care deeply about helping people with their personal health quest.”

Going for growth with Alitam

Having joined forces with the formidable membership team of Alitam, Liam has his sights firmly set on key areas of growth. “Alitam is vital to get to where we need to be: enhancing our instore offering with clinical services such as Vitamin D tests; and building a strong online retail presence, capable of meeting the enormous demand. With the financing and resources of Alitam, I can finally realise what for so long has eluded me: selling our skill and niche products online. Already I’m liaising with my peers on best practice for online pharmacy retail, and we’re making it happen.”

Says Alitam founder, Feisal Nahaboo, “Liam brilliantly highlights the extraordinary range of opportunities which are present for pharmacists today. He’s captured a unique market and, as part of Alitam, will now be able to realise the full extent of this. He’s a highly prized mix of caring clinician and astute businessman, and his membership will benefit us all.”

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