The articles below highlight the vital role played by community pharmacies during the covid-19 pandemic.

The NHS has had substantial dependency on the role of community pharmacy as both hospitals and GPs struggled to cope alone. In many instances, community pharmacies became first port of call for its communities. Equally importantly, pharmacists were able to best serve non covid-19 related matters as both hospitals and GPs became paralysed with covid cases. As a result, Alitam pharmacies have seen a far greater dependency on the local pharmacist whilst pharmacies and GPs are working closer together than ever before.

The articles show both national and local news reflecting on the evolving role of the community pharmacist since March 2020. There’s little doubt that the innovative and proactive pharmacist offering services will play a greater role from here on.

In timeline order, the articles include:

  • The role of pharmacists during Covid-19
  • Pharmacists remaining opening throughout the crisis
  • Pharmacists offering covid-19 vaccinations

17th March 2020

Chemist and Druggist UK

What role should pharmacy teams play during the coronavirus pandemic

Highlights the essential support offered by community pharmacies in supporting patients during the pandemic

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20th April 2020

BMC Part of Springer Nature

Pharmacies at the frontline beating the Covid pandemic

Local pharmacies are the frontline of public health by serving as direct points of access for their patients and supporting overburdened healthcare resources by offering a triage service

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1st June 2020


COVID-19: on the frontline of community pharmacy

Find out how pharmacies have adapted, to protect themselves and their patients from the spread of the virus, while still providing an efficient operation

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23rd July 2020

The King’s Fund

The role of pharmacists during Covid-19

With the country in lockdown and the increased reliance on the community pharmacy, what exactly is their role?

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30th July 2020

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

New research on key role of community pharmacy in Covid-19 pandemic

Research put in place to fully understand the vital role that pharmacies play in the Covid crisis. The findings will be used to identify how pharmacies can support healthcare further as the pandemic develops.

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11th August 2020

The Telegraph

Pharmacies have an important role in this pandemic – but they need help to continue saving lives

As the first port of call the response from community pharmacies during this pandemic has been incredible, but, what support do they need to unleash their full value?


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3rd September 2020

The Pharmaceutical Journal

No going back: how the pandemic is changing community pharmacy

What has been the positive impact of the Covid pandemic on the community pharmacist? Now those in high places are realising what this valuable resource is really capable of…

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20th September 2020

Journal of American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Global contributions of pharmacists during the COVID‐19 pandemic

During SARS pharmacies were barely mentioned, but the Covid pandemic has highlighted the role of pharmacies on the frontline of global health care…

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4th November 2020

Chemist and Druggist

NHS indicates pharmacy role in potential late 2020 COVID vax service

NHS boss says that “Pharmacies will be part of the roll out should a vaccine become available.”

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17th December 2020

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Pharmacists can take the lead in public reassurance on COVID-19 vaccines RPS says

Pharmacists have a strategic and operational role to play. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has asked pharmacists to show leadership in reassuring the public that COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

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6th January 2021

The Guardian

High street pharmacies to start offering Oxford Covid vaccine next week

Pharmacies to play “really big role” in the government’s plan to immunise 13 million by mid February.

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6th January 20201

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Government signs up ‘hundreds’ of community pharmacies to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, says prime minister

NHS England calls for all pharmacies to deliver the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. The latest vaccine to be approved opens the door to a wider number of pharmacies being capable of vaccinating.

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8th January 2021

The Independent

High Street Pharmacies to offer Oxford Covid vaccine next week

As part of the governments expansion to the vaccination program, 22 pharmacies are being lined up to start offering the vaccine.

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10th January 2021

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Community Pharmacy and COVID-19 Vaccinations Update

Plans to be developed to ensure that pharmacies are put to maximum use in vaccination program. What’s feasible, and how can they compliment the existing network of larger vaccination sites?

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13th January 2021

ITV News

Asda to become first supermarket to offer Covid-19 vaccinations

Asda has been chosen to deliver in-store vaccinations of the Pfzier/BioNTech jab, which needs to be stored at -70C

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14th January 2021


High street pharmacies deliver NHS Covid jabs

News from the NHS that pharmacies will begin Covid vaccinations today. Hardworking pharmacy teams playing vital role in delivering life saving jabs.

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14th January 2021

Sky News

COVID-19: Locations of first pharmacies to offer coronavirus jab revealed

Matt Hancock says “Pharmacies sit at the heart of local communities and will make a big difference to our rollout programme by providing even more local, convenient places for those that are eligible to get their jab”, and locations are shared of the first pharmacies to deliver Covid -19 vaccine

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14th January 2021

BBC News

Covid-19: High Street chemists start vaccinations in England

First pharmacy sites to give vaccine are confirmed, with 200 more to follow

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